Case studies

Our clients come from countries around the globe. Some examples:


- A local manufacturer of chemicals needed assistance in finding Swedish distributors. The      market research was followed up with negotiations with a several selected companies.     These resulted in contracts with several new distributors.

- A client manufacturing computer peripherals asked for our advice when evaluating                  potential resellers. Agreements were signed with a number of companies.


- A global manufacturer of pipes and hoses decided to replace the Swedish CEO. After two      months, a new CEO was in place. The Nordic markets developed quickly, and a CEO for        Finland was also consequently recruited.

- Our client, a manufacturer of workwear, decided a market survey was required before            entering the Scandinavian market. The market survey, which covered covering Sweden,       Norway and Denmark, resulted in a decision to abort the plans since the demands of the   Scandinavian customers could not be met.


- A family-owned company manufacturing asphalt was interested in the Swedish market and    we were asked to conduct a market study. The outcome was positive, and as a result we        recruited a local representative.


- A fast growing Mexican company selling office equipment and security systems in Latin          America needed support and advice on the Scandinavian market with a view to finding     suppliers from the region.

South Korea

- A company designing and manufacturing ergonomic computer accessories was interested    in the European, and especially, the Scandinavian, market. After some thorough research,      distributor agreements were signed with companies in several countries. 

- A governmental organisation has used our services for a number of years. We have carried    out research for Korean companies, met with Korean delegations in Sweden, participated      in trade shows and visited companies in Korea, giving official presentations on business          culture and how to find business partners in Sweden.

United Kingdom

- A local government agency selected us to be the Swedish representative tasked with         finding Swedish companies interested in investing in the local region.


- An ICT company interested in investments in the Baltics and Poland needed a market            survey and evaluation before deciding where to invest.

- A company designing and selling office equipment was looking for distributors in                    Sweden. After a market study, several potential candidates were evaluated before                  three were selected.