“We create growth and profitability”

Business Mentor

How can we grow? How can we increase profitability? Is our business strategy optimal?  Do we have the right priorities? Are we on the right path?

Many management teams, especially small and middle size companies, often lack the opportunity to discuss goals, business strategy, and other issues with an experienced advisor. They don’t believe that they have the time or money to consult experts. 
Therefore, we launched our business mentor initiative, a cost-effective one to two day workshop based on client business concepts.  Together, we develop goals, business strategies, market analyses, and an action plan. Thus, we determine what’s important and then act effectively to reach our goals.
We carry out a SWOT analysis based on company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and current market position. Subsequently, current and alternative plans are compared followed by a thorough review of how the company can best utilize its strengths and opportunities, minimize weaknesses, and effectively confront risks and threats. 
This review provides the board of directors and management with a sound basis for choosing the right priorities, making wise decisions, and acting to reach their goals.   Success requires active management participation. Our business mentor concept is suitable for small and mid-sized companies and organizations in any line of business. 

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