“We create growth and profitability”

About Wowscand

Wowscand services focus on increasing client sales, profitability, and competitiveness. We act as a sounding board, analyze and give advice, and execute decisions. We  exceed client expectations. Through our network of talented partners, we access colleagues with diverse skills, thus initiating unique, successful solutions.

We specialize in business development, skills inventory, organizational development, business intelligence, globalization, exports, investments, and startups.
Some of our assignments:



Some of our roles:


We discover and take advantage of  international business opportunities for clients based on the strategy  that established Wowscand in 2007, the result of many years of cooperation with W Global, the world leading South Korean company.   Wowscand served as a sales company for W Global products. Initially, its founders worked in separate companies.


However, due to increasing demand for both consultation services and products in the spring of 2011, the founders decided to work together in one company. See our products at www.wowscandinavia.se